One thought on “*New* Pic of Sam”

  1. Mr. H., you really look cozy in the jacket. ? A wee bit nippy in Scotland, or someplace else? The headphones are ABSO also. Always such a kind gentleman to take time out to appreciate the fans. Bless ya!!! I know you are fond of LA(maybe not as much as NY)…….. I’m not on twitter\facebook; but always put out on G+ words of appreciation & praise for you , Cait, your causes & wonderful job of ALL at Outlander. How ’bout you guys puttin’ out a shout of “Go Cubs Go” for our ball club takin’ the Dodgers tonite. Just to wish us well in the World Series ? For all the folks here who Love Outlander Faithfully in Chicago. I’LL hopefully hear from someone you responded. I am still supporting Scotland’s Independence from my side of the globe!!!!! As usual…. Warm Regards, Take Good Care Terrie Chicago P.S. Any1 out there public on g+ who agrees, feel free to let me know on g+. TYVM.


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