*NEW* Sam Interview with Elle


Talking to Sam Heughan About Sweat, Sheep Dipping, and ‘Outlander’ Spoilers

How did you come to collaborate with Barbour?

These guys are platinum sponsors of that event. We got talking, and Helen and I realized that I come from the same village that her ancestor John Barbour came from, who created Barbour. It just seemed like such a great connection. I grew up in Scotland, and everyone wore Barbour. It’s very practical, it’s very outdoorsy. It’s what the gamekeepers and the fishermen and the farmers would wear.

Do you have any particular outdoors memories of your childhood in that village?

It sounds almost unreal, but I was born and raised on old castlegrounds—Kenmure Castle.

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One thought on “*NEW* Sam Interview with Elle”

  1. It might just be the lighting; but this retired Pro Photog\Journalist …. Is worried that you look pale in this shot. I realize your grueling schedule – but PLEASE S.H. comes FIRST!!!! Cop some more Zzzzzz s …… Rest. Rest rest the fine man & take plenty time to feed that wonderful soul. Take Good Care.


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