One thought on “*New/Old* Pics of Cait”

  1. I hope Ms. Balfe will not mind me using this beautiful photo of her and this lovely creature of God(great brute that he is!)…… When I first found this shot; I got such a warm peaceful vibe from it! Two of Life’s passengers, made by the same Creature…..enjoying the world of sun, sand,breeze of the beach. The Lady’s face always shows her kind nature(let’s not forget what a loving “Cat Mom” she is to Eddie)YET….. What stayed with me most; is, if you look deep into that gentle creatures eyes…Like WoW, he’s quietly Loving the world and who he is with!!!!! I have often seen photos of Mr. Heughan attending charity events , such as saving Spot. Both these kind people have made mention of the animals they are fond of on set of TV production, Outlander they are on. The dogs, their favorite horses. I make mention of this because I cannot sleep tonight, fore my heart is very troubled and heavy!!!! I happened to be watching an Outlander episode @ the 4th of July(which stands for our US Independence from England & The Brave Scots in the Outlander episode were fighting for a cause most believed in, against the Brits)…..I was distracted by being notified of a henious cruel crime done to a tiny, defenseless kitten in the Hardwood Heights section of Chicago!!!! Rescued, screaming in agony,burned horriblly(possibly set on fire on purpose by someone with fire crackers or works!!!!!!!!)down to bones probably would lose front legs! Because of his heroic fight to Live it made mass media. How I prayed, just as I did when a gentle great-dane,bit-bull mix,that was blind was kidnapped by cruel sick men!!! Both circumstances ended in heartache and a cry against the loss of humanity and kind heart in today’s Society. The tiny kitten loss his battle to stay in the Life he still Loved & the defenseless,gentle Dog was found dead in an alley, murdered!! I pray this public post goes Global and I beg you two famous people that I Love and respect,(with your huge Fan Base all over the world) will help me rally Billions to speak out against this senseless cruelty and demand harder legal steps against those found guilty of such crimes! I know there are many “People Causes” that need to be championed……. BUT SO DOES THIS! Trust me I know, first hand, I may be tip-toeing toward terminal as we post! I beg of thee & all that read this, help STAMP OUT this cruelty….. In your village,town, city, country…..OUR WORLD….. In our Lifetime!!!!! TYVM. God Bless us ALL.


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