8 thoughts on “*New* Pics of Sam in New York”

  1. Beautiful shots of Sam…. But does he look a tad perturbed????? The nice man does have the RIGHT to a mere unabashed stroll down NY street. Just one woman’s opinion. Come on over to Chi-town,we’ll hide you and feed you lots of Dago-style health food! LOL Take Good Care.


    1. No one is being HIGH n MIGHTY, and its not BS to show concern for someone a person respects. So sorry if the other poster out there feels that way.As a Pro\Photo Journalist(now on medical leave) I just found the continual shots and Mr. H’s expression; of question, that’s all. I also highly respect everyone has the right to their freedoms and opinion!!! I just get tired of the continual “Eye Candy” attitude it reminds me of(even Ms. Balfe made mention that she found it some what sexist toward him) .,, as a Pro\Photog, my Kudos to Mr. H on his Beautiful naturalness of pose,the great relationship with the lens that always come thru. Some pro models do not even hold this. …What, I really appreciate more; IS when the concentration is on the excellent actor he is,a fine humanitarian;his endeavors making this world a better place to Live & who almost always takes time out so kindly for fans because of the way he appreciates them. SORRY again, I didn’t mean to ruffle any feathers! To open up a dialogue is always good tho. I will sign-off with Good Regards.


  2. In the 1st. set of photos he looks a bit miffed. Probably ducked out for a sandwich and gets waylayed. The price of fame. Come to Aussie Sam, trust me, we’ll leave you alone. We don’t usually harass people. Might say hello Sam. The beach is beautiful just now. Do you ride a surfboard? Swim? You will love it. The Gold Coast in sth. east Queensland.


  3. Don’t get me wrong….I LOVE seeing Sam! But give him privacy! Before he becomes hardened and unapproachable like other celebraties! (God, he’s gorgeous though isn’t he? ;-))


  4. No one is messing with him. He’s not miffed. He’s just not posing. High and mighty BS preaching at people. Love the pics. Thanks for posting.


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