*New* Video of Sam and Cait from Access Hollywood

Sam and Cait discuss the worst mispronunciations of their unique names!

Click on the pic below for the video!

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 7.10.05 PM.png


2 thoughts on “*New* Video of Sam and Cait from Access Hollywood”

  1. This video of Sam,Cait, And Tobias speaking of mispronunciations of their names is totally hilarious!!! My name is Julie Lyle. I’ve had it pronounced as July like the month, and Lyle as of all things, Lula!!!!


  2. I definitely agree with Julie, the video was very humorous, I totally relate to what ya say about your name … Just IMAGINE what they do to Witvoet(from the Netherlands) and I won’t even mention what they do with the Americanized Italian, Fasso! LOL!!! ** It’s so good that they and us can keep a kind sense of humor about it.


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