*New* Interview of Sam and Cait from Buzzfeed

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Since Outlander has one of the best casts on television, we just had to play a little game of cast superlatives with the stars. Who’s the most like their character in real life? Who’s the funniest? Find out!

1. Who’s the funniest cast member?

Caitriona Balfe: Duncan [Lacroix, who plays Murtagh Fraser].
Sam Heughan: Duncan is an absolute animal.
Tobias Menzies: I guess I do spend quite a lot of my time trying to make people laugh. If you don’t know who it is they say it’s you, isn’t it?

2. Who is the brainiac of the cast?

CB: Oh we’ve got quite a few actually. Tobias is up there, Graham [McTavish, who plays Dougal MacKenzie], Duncan. There’s some smart people. Simon Callow [who plays the Duke of Sandringham], oh my God, that’s a brainiac.
SH: Tobias is very intelligent or at least he comes across as very intelligent. I think it’s his accent.
TM: You know who’d be deceptive actually is Duncan Lacroix who plays Murtagh. He’s got a bit about him.

3. Who is most likely to be found eating all day?

CB: Sam or Graham — actually between the two.
SH: Graham McTavish does not stop eating.

4. Who is most likely to be caught reading a book in between scenes?

CB: Duncan or Graham.
SH: Caitriona Balfe!
TM: Cat’s a bit of a reader, I’m a bit of a reader.

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