*NEW* Cait Interview with Vulture


The Story Behind Claire’s Big Discovery on Outlander

Should we congratulate the not-so-happy couple? The shotgun wedding between Black Jack Randall and Mary Hawkins could not have been more remote or wretched, but how could it be otherwise, when you have two people who do not love each other getting married next to a deathbed? But as is so often the case on Outlander, it’s Claire’s meddling in the past that ensures the future — in this case, Frank’s existence.

It’s not, however, what she intended. Since the series premiere, we’ve been told that Black Jack Randall is Frank’s ancestor, by none other than historian-extraordinaire Frank himself. And if anything, the two men’s remarkable resemblance to one another seemed to be visual confirmation (no doubt aided by the fact that they were played by the same actor, the amazing Tobias Menzies). So of course Claire tries to keep Black Jack alive, believing that Jack needs to father a child — who will become Frank’s line — that year. “It’s so complicated!” actress Caitriona Balfe laughed. “She’s asking Jamie to spare the life of the man who brutally raped and tortured him, to save to the life of her future ex-husband.”

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