*New* Interview with Sam and Cait from The Hollywood Reporter


Balfe loved how intense and powerful that finale scene was in the kitchen.

“It was really fantastic filming that,” Balfe says. “I honestly loved working with Simon Callow. He’s such a great person to have around set. But what I loved in particular, I loved how Mary got her justice, finally. And it was by her own hand. That was a wonderful part of that scene. She truly deserved to get that peace of mind.”

Balfe couldn’t believe how real the prosthetic head was that the prop department created. “The effects were just so authentic,” she says with a laugh. “And to see Duncan really go at it was hilarious.”

But some major parts of that kitchen scene were left on the cutting room floor.

“It was such a huge scene,” Heughan says. “And there was actually a lot more to that scene. Like every episode, we shoot so much more than they can actually show. Maybe at some point we’ll get to see an extended version of this episode because there’s some very scary stuff by Duncan Lacroix who plays Murtagh. But in the end, the Duke gets his just desserts. He truly gets what he deserves. I mean, we just found out that he’s been instrumental in all the things that have been going wrong for Jamie and Claire.”

Balfe shares Heughan’s sentiment. “Murtagh had this great speech where he delivered it in Gaelic and it was so powerful. But that got cut and I was so sad about that,” she says. “But it was such a great scene regardless. The Duke has always been this slippery fish that you never really know his loyalties. And then as soon as you think you know he’s the most despicable person, he does something that makes you question it; maybe he’s not so bad, but he turns around and does something even worse. So for him to get his comeuppance was really great.”

The writers and showrunners couldn’t wait to bring that moment of revenge to life.

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