3 thoughts on “*NEW* Cait Interview with Grazia France (HQ/Digital Scan)”

  1. Translation

    Caitriona Balfe, beautiful foreigner

    If her name does not mean anything to you, her feline face and her 1,77 meters will ring a bell: they walked the runway throughout the years 2000. “I was what they call a ‘blue collar’ model, a worker of fashion. I made my way quite well: but what I always wanted to do was becoming an actress. That made it easier tot quit at the age of 30 to follow my vocation”. This was entrusted to us by Catriona Balfe, originally form Dublin, when she was presenting the film Money Monster directed by Jody Foster at Cannes. After four years in the gallions of Los Angeles (“I went through auditions for becoming the sexy girl number two and I didn’ even get the job!”) she now bursts out in the Scottish fantasy-historical series Outlander. A complex and complete female role. Everyting but a beautiful plant.

    (I’m sorry if there are mistakes in English, please correct them, I’m not sure if bursts out’ is said in English, in French is writen ‘explodes’, it means she is showing herself fully and spectacular)

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