*New* Cait Interview from Bustle


It’s good to know I’m not the only one who can’t help but wonder if this chemistry the two have on the show pours into their real lives. For one, there’s this romantic, “sensual scenes” montage that should be viewed ASAP. Here, Balfe and Heughan learn that everyone wants to know who they’re dating, and here, the stars answer if they’re dating each other (which they’ve sadly denied time and time again, by the way). OK, maybe they’re not into each other like that in real life, but what or who are they into? I needed answers, so when I caught up with the cast and crew at LA’s Paley Center for Media, I picked the brain of the leading lady herself to try and get some.

Balfe remains mysterious when it comes to her relationship status, which I give her props for. Turns out, though, she agrees with me in that there’s something about 18th century romance that is just so much more appealing than the dating climate we’re in these days. “I definitely think the art of letter-writing is such a beautiful, romantic thing and it’s very sad that we’ve seemed to have lost that,” she says. “I think people were a lot more present then and you didn’t have as many distractions as you have nowadays.”

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