*New* Interview with Sam and Cait from The Hollywood Reporter


“There’s a line in next week’s episode, I think Murtagh [Duncan Lacroix] says it or Jamie says it. ‘I never realized that victory would taste so bitter,’ or something to that effect,” Balfe told The Hollywood Reporter at the unveiling of the Paley Center for Media’s “The Artistry of Outlander” exhibit. “That’s the thing, yes they may have won this battle and yes they can see that it’s installed some kind of hope in their men and it’s rallied them. But they’ve lost some friends and Claire knows that it’s highly likely that they’re doomed.”

Armed with the knowledge that she was right about them winning the Battle of Prestonpans, Claire now knows for sure that the Highlanders are going to lose at the disastrous Battle of Culloden. But according to Balfe, Claire won’t let herself believe that they’re going to lose until it actually comes to pass.

“In the face of that kind of adversity and in the face of fate where you know in your heart of hearts that it’s all about to go wrong, you can’t believe it,” Balfe says. “Because if you did, you would just stop right there. For Jamie and Claire, this is where we see that they are fighters to the end. Even if they know that it’s a futile fight, they’ll still fight to the end.”

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