*New* Interview with Cait from Variety


Caitriona, what was the experience of filming those final scenes between Claire and Jamie, when she finally has to acknowledge that loss and share that grief with him?

Balfe: That’s a really tough scene, because you want your character to have the time to process everything, and I think sometimes it isn’t easy for her to let down her guard, and she’s been through so much, and it’s so complicated, what she’s feeling, because she’s ashamed, she’s angry, she’s heartbroken. So when Jamie first arrived, that distance, it was a conscious decision for them not to touch in that scene, and for the first time for them to touch would be at the grave, because we didn’t want it to be easy, because it’s not — what they’ve both gone through, that pain and that loss that both of them are feeling — you have to let them have time to be able to shed those barriers.

And I feel very much that Claire, after what happened, she built a brick wall around her heart, and that’s not easy to break down, but when Jamie says to her that the loss of what they’ve experienced is too much for each of them to bear alone, that they will only be able to carry it together, I think that that’s the moment that you see the crack in her, and you see that she begins to let go, and when he forgives her then, it’s the beginning of her being able to perhaps forgive herself. Because really, that’s the crux of it: she blames herself, and that’s the hardest thing to forgive, I think.

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