*New* Cait Interview from TV Line



TVLINE | “Faith” is one of those episodes that those who know Diana Gabaldon’s books kind of dreaded, just because it’s so heartbreaking. You’re familiar with the source material; how long before you shot the episode had you been thinking about it?
From the very get-go of the season. It was very important for us that this pregnancy didn’t get pushed completely to the sidelines, because I think when you know that this is going to happen, it’s important that you make the readers first of all be on board and see the hopefulness and see the importance of the pregnancy, for then the loss of it to have an impact. It was a struggle this year to balance the personal journey with the whole political storyline, and we tried to, as much as we could, to bring in that pregnancy and to make the child very much part of the Jamie/Claire relationship and their safe space. So yeah, you constantly know where that journey is going to lead you to.

TVLINE | How much did you and Sam Heughan talk about it?
We didn’t discuss the miscarriage much because, for the characters, they went through this sort of very separately. And that was also quite important to have each of our own journeys with that. But in terms of the pregnancy and what that meant to them and all of that, we talked about that stuff quite a lot.

But yeah, once it came to the work to be done on Episode 7 and most of that, it was quite separate because they are basically estranged from each other during this. It was important as well for Claire. while she’s experiencing all of this anger and grief, that was her private journey to work out within herself.

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