*NEW* Sam and Cait Interview with THR


‘Outlander’ Stars Break Down Jamie and Claire’s Nasty Fight: “It Destroys Their Relationship”

We have never seen Jamie more furious than he was with Claire in the final moments of the hour. How is this going to affect their relationship moving forward?

Caitriona Balfe: It’s definitely really damaged their trust in each other. Their bond is so strong that it hasn’t broken it completely, but this is probably one of the darkest moments in their relationship. I can completely understand it from Jamie’s point of view. It’s a horrific thing to ask but I also feel like, for Claire, she’s fighting for the survival of someone she loves and holds dear to her heart. She would do the same for Jamie and more, and does. I understand it, but it’s definitely a tough thing that she’s asked of him.

Sam Heughan: It’s the turning point for the whole season. It’s a huge ask of Jamie. Of course, you can understand why she would ask that of him. It’s about the history of Frank and the worry that he might not even exist possibly, they don’t know. That’s what season two is all about, the repercussions of our history and how that affects everything. Every action they take has another reaction. Jamie agrees to it unwillingly and it really tests their relationship and has quite a detrimental effect.

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