*New* Cait Interview from Marie Claire – Italy

This Interview is in Italian – We have translated (via the Google translate tool)…sorry for any mistakes!

Outlander, Season 1, Editorial

Warning: Caitriona pronounce Catrina. I am meeting in a suite of a London hotel. “Hi Good Morning!”. The Italian is perfect and hand tighten the know. She is tall and slender, very clear face not even a speck, almost feel like saying pixels, out of place: I’m not surprised that two years ago, the magazine Rolling Stone has included among the 25 hottest sex symbol in the world. I ask if she speaks our language fluently: “No, just a few words learned when I worked in Milan,” She says moving a strand of hair. On the other hand she knows the Irish Gaelic and a little ‘French, “about a couple of years in Paris as a young girl. It came in handy when I found myself on the set of the second season of Outlander , set in France (in the Italian series will arrive in June of FoxLife, ed). Although at first I needed a coach to straighten the accent. ”

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The full interview pages from magazine


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