*NEW* Sam and Cait Interview with Access Hollywood

Outlander Season 2 2016

‘Outlander’ Stars On Jamie & Claire’s Disagreement, Murtagh’s New Romance?

Caitriona Balfe, who plays Claire said that, “under a different circumstance, Jamie would have understood exactly.”

The conflict between the characters though, reflects the tough time they both are continuing to go through.

“I think they’re just two people very frustrated at their circumstance. Neither of them are happy. France has not been the fresh new start that they wanted,” the actress said. “I think of it as like this beautiful plate of really tropical, juicy fruit and it just all starts to rot in front of them. And I think that Claire has a calling. Jamie has a calling too. Jamie is a warrior, he’s a soldier. Claire is a healer, and she’s a professional woman. She’s used to feeling purposeful and useful and the fact that he scolds her for that is such a wound to her because she’s like, ‘You’re the man that understands me.’ Like, ‘You’re the person who gets me, and you don’t understand this?’ But it just speaks to where they’re at. I think they’re just both on their own private torment, their own private little hellish journey.” 

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