*NEW* Sam Interview with the Wall Street Journal


‘Outlander’ Star Sam Heughan on French Society, Fake Blood and the Frasers’ Marital Intimacy

We got to witness much of Claire’s emotional turmoil in last week’s season premiere, but not so much Jamie’s. The second episode, however, turns the focus onto your character. So how would you say he’s doing these days?

He’s still plagued by Black Jack, by what happened to him, by his guilt, and he’s not dealing with it very well. We don’t focus on Jamie throughout every episode, but it’s there, this disease that’s in his mind. He’s trying not to think about it. He throws himself into his mission. He’s working day and night, and he’s losing contact with Claire. Their relationship becomes less engaged, and it’s like a disease, it spreads and it ultimately will implode on him. And I wanted to play him sort of not himself. But yeah, he’s lost his sparkle a little bit. He’s a bit of a shadow.

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