*New* Interview with Sam and Cait from The Hollywood Reporter


Now that Claire knows Black Jack is still alive, how does that knowledge affect her going forward?

Caitriona Balfe: There’s a great fear that this is going to be something that breaks Jamie. She felt that they were finally getting to a place where they could put that to rest. Even though she still sees Jamie struggling with the torment of all that happened last season, she felt like they were perhaps on the road to recovery. Now with the knowledge that he’s actually not dead and his brother is now in Paris, she’s so scared that it’s going to break Jamie.

Jamie has been having nightmares about Black Jack. He isn’t sleeping well and can’t be intimate with Claire. How is he going to be handling this trauma moving forward?

Sam Heughan: He continues to suffer from this trauma. He’s still got scars, physically but also emotionally. And he doesn’t deal with it. He just pushes it aside. He throws himself into the mission and trying to change history. But what happens is that actually creates a rift between him and Claire. They’re not physical with each other anymore. He can’t get close to her without seeing Black Jack. And actually, without spoiling it, the only way he’s cured is with Black Jack himself. The fact that Black Jack is still alive will give Jamie hope again. That gives him the power to once again take control of his destiny and of his life. That finally rids him of the nightmare that is Black Jack Randall. It’s strange that the salvation of Jamie comes in the form of the very thing that injured him.

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