*NEW* Sam Interview with TV Week


Outlander’s Sam Heughan reveals he wants to be a dad

The wait is finally over! Jamie Fraser will once again be gracing our screens and this time he’s tackling fatherhood in season 
two of Outlander.

“I hope it’s Jamie’s child – imagine if it wasn’t!” portrayer Sam Heughan laughs when he sits down with TV WEEK.

“It is Jamie’s child. But, as we know, the course of Outlander is never smooth.”

So, how does he measure up as a dad?

“I think he’s extremely excited to be 
a father,” Sam, 35, says. “That’s his dream 
– to have a simple life with a big family.”

As for the actor himself, playing a dad 
on screen has made him think about starting his own family.

“I think you’ve got to when you approach these subjects,” he explains. “You’ve got to think how you would be yourself and what your stance on it is. [Parenthood] is definitely something 
I want to do.”

To read the rest of the interview, please visit the SOURCE.

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