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Starz series ‘Outlander’ moves to France for second season

Caitriona Balfe’s character went through emotional hell during season one of “Outlander.” Claire Randall is sent back in time, marries a man she barely knows, is accused of being a witch and is sexually assaulted.

And that was all in the first half of the season. Later came an unforgettable episode with her 18th century husband, Jamie (Sam Heughan). All of it will serve as a jumping-off point as the second season of the series based on the books by Diana Gabaldon launches on Starz on Saturday.

“The second half of the season was very intense,” Balfe says, “especially with what they are calling the ‘punishment scene.’ It was a very traumatic thing for her to go through as a woman but also in the framework of this man she loves and trusts. It was a very deep psychic wound for them, but they get through it.

“It was very difficult for her to watch the man that she loves go through that and know on some level it was because of her.”

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