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Sam Heughan talks about playing Jamie Fraser in ‘Outlander’

LOS ANGELES—“This is a very fine Italian bit of clothing that they make me wear,” Sam Heughan said with a laugh about the dapper suit he wore as he sat down for this interview. “I am very fortunate. This is all part of the job—it’s incredible.”

“Maybe they will send me more suits,” added the actor who plays Jamie Fraser opposite Catriona Balfe’s Claire Randall in “Outlander.”

Excerpts from out chat:

Paris was, for us, a new venture. It’s a new world not only for us as actors, but also as the characters. It’s uneven ground and a new adventure. The politics and the costumes, of course, were very different.

The relationship that Jamie and Claire have is put under a lot of strain, and not only by the fact that James is still suffering from a trauma (being raped and tortured by his nemesis Black Jack Randall, played by Tobias Menzies) in Season One, but also neither of the characters are being themselves.

Jamie, in my mind, was kind of half that man that he was. He’s been deceitful, manipulative and disloyal. These are characteristics that don’t sit well with him.

Up until now, we have seen him be very straightforward, honorable and honest. So, he’s now in a very poisonous place. That poison seeps into their (Jamie and Claire’s) relationship.

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