*NEW* Sam and Cait Interview with Vanity Fair


The 18th century Scottish drama is even popular in deep space, it seems.

Since Outlander first premiered globally in August of 2014, it has attracted a passionate group fans from all over the world—including at least celebrity who was a TV heartthrob decades before the kilted men of Outlander took over the role.

“I had dinner with William Shatner last week and I couldn’t believe it. He’s a fan of the show,” revealed star Sam Heughan at the show’s season 2 premiere on Monday night. “He’s really funny and I owe him dinner now. I still can’t believe I met him!”


36-year-old Irish actress Balfe has dreamed of becoming an actress since her childhood. She admits she wasn’t sure if she would ever catch a big break until she landed the lead role onOutlander.

“I struggled for years as an actress and it was challenging,” said Balfe, a former model. “I wasn’t sure if it was going to work, but I was stubborn and never gave up. Now I have a job that I always dreamed of. My life has really been changed both personally and professionally. I just love the range that I get to play. It feels like everyday there is something new to tackle and I am constantly growing and changing as an actress and as a woman.”

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