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‘Outlander’ switches its game to juicy espionage

Time-jumping English heroine Claire Randall and her strapping 18th century Scottish hero, Jamie Fraser, endured shocking peril after peril in “Outlander’s” first season.

After being magically plucked from her life as a wife and nurse in 1945 and set down in 1743 Scotland — amid bloody fighting between English Redcoats and Scottish rebels — Claire’s first concern was simple: survival.

As for Highland warrior Jamie, his prime preoccupation was to protect this strange, yet fetching, visitor from those who sought to harm her.

Their eventual lovemaking was the stuff of legend and as explicit as can be found on cable. After all, nudity and sex know few bounds on a premium channel such as Starz.

But the couple’s torment also escalated, particularly at the hands of sadistic Captain “Black Jack” Randall of the English army. His vile behavior was all the more startling to Claire since he not only was an ancestor, but also the spitting image of her sweet husband back home.

“It was a very reactionary season. There were just events that sort of happened one after another, and (Claire) was in survival mode, so she was just really reacting from one thing to the next,” “Outlander” star Caitriona Balfe said of her character at a press gathering early this year.

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