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Everything to Know About ‘Outlander’ Season 2: New Characters, Settings and More

As the “Droughtlander” finally comes to an end, Outlander fans are going to be in for quite the surprise when season two premieres.

The Starz time-traveling romance drama is changing things up for its sophomore outing, as author Diana Gabaldon’s second book Dragonfly in Amber takes place in a new city, with a new mission, a new cast of characters and even a new time period.

The Fraser family is expanding

Jamie’s family in Paris is headed by Jared Fraser, who will be played by Robert Cavanah. Jamie and Claire will find themselves taking refuge in Jared’s mansion, as he’s a wealthy and successful wine merchant. However, there’s a small issue.

“He’s family, and Jamie has got to convince him, this staunch Jacobite, that he’s also a staunch Jacobite while secretly knowing he’s not,” Heughan says of Jamie and Claire’s secret mission to sabotage the Jacobite rebellion from the inside. “He’s having to be duplicitous and it’s tough. Jamie and Claire are constantly going to have to put on a persona and air to blend in with the social elite and they’re going to struggle with it. It doesn’t sit well at all with Jamie.”


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