*New/Old* Pic of Sam in Macbeth


“As a teenager I was introduced to theatre at The Lyceum, each month attending free preview performances. The first being a production of Merlin. The passion, music and emotions I felt literally had me shaking in my seat and I was hooked. Still at school, I then did work experience in the Stage Management department. I got a crucial understanding of the work behind the scenes. The building had cast its spell on me and I then joined the Lyceum Youth Theatre whilst working as an usher in the evenings. The classes were an essential first step to understanding the craft where I met like-minded students and inspiring leaders. Evenings I spent ushering and watching every show, broadening my knowledge of the plays and actors at The Lyceum. I fell in love with the building, the secret backstage, the vast fly floor and the stunning auditorium. The Lyceum influenced my life, creating personal and professional relationships and ultimately paved the way for my current career. I feel lucky to have been one of many to pass through its doors…!”


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