*NEW* Sam Interview with Scotland Now


Outlander star Sam Heughan encourages Scots to #PassItOn and recycle clothes for charity

OUTLANDER star Sam Heughan has donated some of his old clothes to The Empty Shop, a pop up store encouraging people to recycle.

The star joined Scots model and actress Eunice Olumide, to launch Pass It On Week from March 5 – 13.

The initiative aims to encourage behavioural change to help keep the things we use in circulation for longer by passing on, swapping, sharing or donating them.

Sam, who stars in the Amazon Prime blockbuster, said: “In contrast to travelling back in time – as my Outlander character Jamie does – this is all about taking action to help Scotland in the future. I’m proud that Scotland is leading the way when it comes to minimising waste and making things last.

“I hope we can inspire people to pass on items of clothing they no longer use instead of just binning them. By passing on items such as clothing, toys and furniture, and buying vintage or second-hand, we can all help to reduce our impact on the planet.”

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2 thoughts on “*NEW* Sam Interview with Scotland Now”

  1. How can someone not want to comment when they see the style & grace Cait & Sam portray in the art of their craft ! On the lighter side,😄 … Isn’t it Scottish folkl ore that the Little Royal Lass Queen Margaret(was she 5yrs. Old?) Proclaimed in 1288,Leap Year any lass could propose to a lad and not be a lady of impropriety!!!! ??? L O L! Other Gaelic Lore is when St. Patrick was in Ireland, Lady St. Bridget; so smitten with him, fell to her knees begging proposal……of course the Gentlleman saint refused her with a kind, chaste kiss on the forehead. HA! How many proposals did Mr. Heughan get Feb.29th 2016? Doesn’t matter; he went on to strive to help another good cause, THATs SAM….. Another Gentleman & a Saint. Poor Lasses!!! Take Good Care, Keep Going Strong,Bless ya! Warm Regards Terrie Chicago. P.S. I respect the world the same as you and strive to recycle almost EVERYTHING. T.Y.V.M. for speaking up for the cause… Now more people will listen globally.


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