*NEW* Sam Interview & Pics from The Scotsman


Outlander’s Sam Heughan – from youth theatre to global stardom

Sam Heughan hopes to inspire the next generation of Scottish acting talent by encouraging grassroots youth network.

As a star of the global smash-hit TV series Outlander, Sam Heughan has the acting world at his feet.

But far from getting carried away amid the glitz, glam, and trappings of fame, Dumfries and Galloway-born Heughan is returning to his roots as the patron of Youth Theatre Arts Scotland (YTAS).

Alongside Kenny McGlashan, chief executive officer at YTAS, he is looking to inspire Scotland’s young people to get involved in the arts.

Before landing the Outlander role, Heughan was involved in various aspects of youth ­theatre in Edinburgh where he was encouraged to apply for drama school.

“When I was going through school, I joined the Lyceum Youth Theatre and that kind of cemented it”, he explains. “Through being in and around the building and watching shows, I realised that there was something I really loved about it, so I went into the stage management side. I did a bit in the Traverse where I worked with them on the festival and realised quite quickly that I wasn’t cut out for that but the youth theatre gave me an understanding of theatre and the community involved, and I met a lot of friends there.”

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2 thoughts on “*NEW* Sam Interview & Pics from The Scotsman”

  1. The more l Learn of the beautiful fiber of this Great Scotsman, my heart swells so that my chest hurts!!! The world is definitely a better place because he is in it! Humanity needs more fine gentleman such as he. I feel he spiritually embraces “Giving Back more than One Takes” If I wasn’t so DAM encumbered, I would do anything just to have the priviledge to shake the man’s hand. Bless him!


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