*NEW* Web Exclusive Interview with Sam for The Box Magazine


Sam Heughan on … the Roots of My Peak Challenge

In this Web exclusive, Sam Heughan, star of “Outlander” and recovering distance runner, weighs in on his history of inspiring others to work out.

Before Outlander, you starred as Bruce Wayne in Batman Live, a touring stage show. Did you also have to train for that role?

Yeah, we very much had a boot camp for that, too, actually. There was a lot of flying involved, so there was a lot of core conditioning. Flying on wires — so it’s just to maintain the position in the air — that’s all about core, really. And then there was a lot of stage combat, lots of krav maga and mixed-martial-arts kinds of things. Stick fighting, as well, and sword fighting. We did a lot of bodyweight training because we had a lot of acrobats with us. A lot of them were British champions or working on Cirque du Soleil and those sort of things, so they were all in there with us, and we just did their kind of workouts. It was all bodyweight. Squats, push-ups, pull-ups were sort of the standard.

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